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What's the Future for Recycling & Compost?

The Diversion Committee was struck to make a recommendation to the Regional Services Commission for a waste diversion program for the Fundy Region.

Committee Members

Matt Alexander, Chair, Rothesay
Peter Behr Hampton
Maggie Coffin-Prowse Grand Bay-Westfield
Jason Garnett St Martins
Ida MacPherson Local Service District
Anne McShane Small Business
David Merrithew, Vice Chair, Saint John
Ray Riddell Local Service District
Tom Simpson Crane Mountain Enhancement Inc

Presentation & Recommendation to the Fundy Regional Services Commission July 22, 2014

Diversion Review Committee Report & Recommendation

Telephone & Online Survey Fall 2013, by CRA

Sustainability Criteria 3 Options

Table 5 Impacts to Municipalities estimates the cost each municipality will pay under the various tip fee structures.  The table assumes each municipality is collecting garbage and compost.  Recycling estimates are based on a per household level, with an expected increase of 50% under a curbside program. 

The following poster was on display at the Public Consultations held in January & February 2014 and at the Home Show in April.  The costs listed below impact the Fundy Region Solid Waste budget. Fundy Region Solid Waste revenue is generated from the various tip fees at the landfill.





Other Commentary

Ray Riddell, member of the Diversion Review Committee, Commentary in the River Valley News September edition

Tom Simpson, member of the Diversion Review Committee and Crane Mountain Enhancement Inc,  The Case for Maintaining Curbside Compost, Commentary in Telegraph Journal Aug 13, 2014

Anne McShane, member of the Diversion Review Committee, Commentary in the Telegraph Journal Aug 9, 2014

Mayor Norton has written a  summation on the 3 Options in the Telegraph Journal July 26, 2014