Thoughts on Compost

Thoughts on food waste – December 2020

This year has made me feel so grateful for all that I have and made me more conscious of not wasting what I have, especially food.

Working from home during lockdown also taught me to really think about using everything. My husband told me that I could no longer mention things like: “You’ll never guess how wrinkly the tomatoes were that I used in this sauce. And it is delicious!” But when you are avoiding going to the grocery store you become creative with what is in your pantry. I am trying to keep that in mind now and not ‘overshop’. That has been the latest lesson on reducing my food waste.

So, this holiday season, if you are used to planning meals for hordes of people, but can’t this year, really think about how much you need to buy. A little bit of planning and a good list will help you to not buy too much and not waste too much.

Remember, whatever is left at the end can be composted.  After you’ve made soup stock from the turkey carcass, the bones can go in the compost.  The last bit of stuffing that won’t get eaten, it can go in the compost.  The paper napkins from dinner?  They can go in the compost. Use all that you can, and compost the rest.  We thank you for that. 

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