Crane Mountain Landfill Capacity Augmentation & Life Extension Project

Fundy Regional Service Commission (FRSC) has registered for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) with the Department of Environment and Local Government or the Crane Mountain Landfill Capacity Augmentation & Life Extension Project. 

In an effort to optimize the efficient use of the landfill, and maximize available airspace, the FRSC is proposing to increase the height of municipal solid waste placed in the existing waste containment cells, as well as future waste containment cells.  

Crane Mountain Landfill has a current approved height of +90 m, this project proposes an increase to +117.5 m. (Height is measured from sea level). The proposed height increase will maintain the same slope as the current slope on the landfill of 4:1; only a small area of the covered landfill will reach the maximum height. 

Project Benefits
  • Increases the landfill life span by at least 22 years from 2048 to 2070 with no additional increase in the landfill footprint.
  • Maximizes the use of available space at the existing landfill.
  • Significantly delays the need to site a new disposal facility.
  • Utilizes existing infrastructure, including the landfill gas to energy utilization, leachate collection system, existing roads and buildings.
  • Provides significant cost savings for new cell construction.
  • Project will save approximately $22 Million over the extended life of the landfill, resulting in savings for rate payers (residents and businesses of the Fundy Region).
Crane Mountain EIA Registration Document:

As registered with the Department of Environment

Public Information Meeting

A recording of the virtual Public Meeting held on October 3, 2023 can be viewed below:

Questions and Comments: please send to EIA@gemtec.ca or Marco Sivitilli, P.Eng (GEMTEC) via: email

All inquiries will receive a response and be included in the project public consultation report submitted to Department of Environment  as part of the EIA process.

Powerpoint presentation of the Information Meeting

3D Model Current Height3D Model Proposed Height

 Landfill slides Capacity2

Landfill View Hwy

Landfill View Hwy90