Plastic Checkout Bags

The Commission is working with municipalities in the Fundy Region to adopt the Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw, similar to the bylaw passed in Moncton, Riverview & Dieppe, and the legislation in PEI, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

The Fundy Region would join the rest of Atlantic Canada with a similar bylaw.

Proposed Bylaw

If adopted, the bylaw would prohibit businesses from offering single-use plastic bags at the checkout counter, and  

  • Be implemented across the region at the same time
  • Be the same as the bylaw in Moncton, Riverview & Dieppe (begins October 2020)
  • Allow about one year to implement so any current stock can be used up & to educate
  • Allow paper bags as an alternative, but a fee must be charged (fee set & retained by business)
  • Allow reusable bags that are durable for at least 100 uses

Businesses in the Fundy Region Support a Plastic Checkout Bag Ban

 Why the Ban?

Plastic waste and ocean litter have emerged as a global environmental priority. Canadians use 9 billion plastic bags every year.  Every Canadian uses 300 – 700 plastic bags a year.  In the Fundy Region, that means more than 35 million plastic bags a year! Governments across Canada are taking action on plastic bags, at the request and demand of citizens.

In March 2020, the Commission stopped accepting plastic bags & plastic wrap in recycling due to a lack of recycling markets.  Now, all excess plastic bags go to landfill.  Reducing plastic bags at the source is the way to ensure plastic bags stay out the landfill and the environment.

 Sometimes you just need a plastic bag

Under the proposed bylaw plastic bags can be used for the following:

• bulk fruit, vegetables, small hardware items,
• contain or wrap frozen foods, live fish or seafood
• wrap flowers or potted plants,
• contain prescription drugs
• protect linens or bedding
• protect newspapers or other printed material to be left at a person's home or business
• protect clothes from dry cleaning
• protect tires that cannot easily fit in a reusable bag

 To see the full bylaw - Moncton's Plastic Bag Reduction Bylaw