EIA – Clay Source

The Project

Fundy Regional Service Commission has registered an Environmental Impact Assessment document with the Department of Environment and Local Government for the proposed clay source development on a property southeast of Crane Mountain Landfill.

Full EIA document

Public Involvement

Tuesday May 28th
Saint John Marina

Open House 2 pm - 4 pm - staff will be on hand to answer your questions and hear comments about the project
Public Meeting 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm - presentation to begin at 7 pm followed by questions and comments

We expect that wetland compensatory work will be part of the EIA and hope to work closely with the community to develop it.

environmental impact assessment map sm


High-quality clay material is an integral component of the Landfill’s composite liner system which is an essential part of the environmental protection of each landfill cell. In the past, the Commission has experienced issues with securing suitable clay through the public tendering process. A lack of clay during construction of a new landfill cell could potentially have devastating effects, by delaying or effectively stopping construction and putting the landfill operations at risk. This EIA proposal would reduce uncertainty and costs for landfill construction in the future.


  • The Project is a source of clay material in support of the existing Crane Mountain Landfill.
  • The site has enough clay to last to the end of the landfill’s life expectancy (2048).
  • The site also includes a quarry with aggregate material which would be used for cell construction and landfill operations (cover material & road maintenance).
  • Operational activities will only be completed on an as-needed basis for on-going construction projects at the Landfill

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