Community Development Committee

This is a new committee, and members will be active participants in formulating the proposed scope and priorities of the Commission’s community development mandate, including direct input into the Fundy Region’s 5-year regional strategy.  The Committee will serve as a forum to support and improve outcomes for marginalized and vulnerable populations. The mandate for the committee is broad and includes affordable housing, newcomer settlement, social inclusion, healthy communities, mental health, homelessness & poverty reduction. In the first year, members will define the scope, focus and structure of the committee through engagement with community partners, asset mapping and a needs assessment.

Meetings:  Expectation is to host six to eight meetings per year.

Terms of Reference

Nominations close Wed March 15th, 2023 - Application form

Applicable skills: .familiarity with one or more of the community development mandates – social inclusion, poverty reduction, affordable housing, newcomer settlement, mental health, or homelessness

Regional Transportation Committee

The Regional Transportation Committee will assess regional transportation needs through the review and analysis of statistical data, planning documents, and stakeholder engagement to develop policy and new program recommendations to the board.

Terms of Reference

Meetings:  Expectation is to host six to eight meetings per year.

Nominations close Wed March 15h, 2023 - Application form

Applicable skills:  familiarity with transportation management and infrastructure, engineering, planning, trail development and/or community services. 

Public Safety Committee

The Public Safety Committee will serve as a regional forum through which Police, Fire, and Emergency Measures Planning representatives share information and identify opportunities to strengthen public safety services and make recommendations to the board for activities that will improve effectiveness of public safety resources.

Terms of Reference


Planning Review and Adjustment Committee (PRAC)

The Planning Review and Adjustment Committee provides variance approvals and advice on other community planning matters, such as rezonings, for the Fundy Rural District and Fundy-St. Martins Village. There are currently four committee member roles available, and members must reside in either the Fundy Rural District or the Village of Fundy-St. Martins.

Meetings: the third Monday of the month, as required. 5-10 meetings per year.

Term: 4 years

Remuneration: $100 per diem per meeting and applicable travel expenses*

Application Form

Applicable skills: familiarity with land use planning, building, and/or local government.
PRAC Area2


*Remuneration for Committee members who are representatives of the public or not-for-profit (or equivalent) sector will be paid $100 per approved committee meeting plus applicable travel expenses. Committee members who are representing member communities or government as part of their employment are not eligible for payment or expenses.