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Waste Audit

A recent waste audit of garbage entering Crane Mountain Landfill reveals that 40% of household waste could be recycled or composted.  

Press Release,  Summary Waste Composition Report

Read the full report

Summer Student Employment Opportunity

Public Education Assistant


Notice: As of April 1st there will be changes to some Small Load Fees.










Please be patient with your recycling after a snow storm.

It may take us a day or two to clear out all the blue bins. But we appreciate that you want to recycle!







Download the new Waste Reduction Guide





Recycling Depot Moved

Quispmasis Recycling Depot located beside Shoppers Drug Mart has moved to Civic Dr, Quispamsis beside Fire Station #2 and the Walter Jewitt Ballfield.

Recycling Depot Closing

Millidgeville Superstore Recycling Depot will close November 15, 2014.  Thank you to Superstore for hosting this site for the past 10 years.  We are looking for an alternative site, in the meantime please continue to recycle at Sobeys Lansdowne Ave, Superstore Rothesay Ave or McAllister Place.  

Thank you for your patience during this time.


The Waste Diversion Committee made it's presentation on the Future of Waste Diversion to the Fundy Regional Services Commission. To read all documents including the written report and commentary click here.  

New Commentary in The River Valley News, from Committee member Ray Riddell, Mayors Talk Garbage, September, 2014


Congratulations to Anna Allebone and Phil Butler of Saint John.  

They both won recycling totes for keeping their garbage to less than 2 bags per week.  Commit to waste reduction and you could win too.



Greater Saint John tops the list of residents who compost: Statistics Canada. Residents in the Greater Saint John area reported the 3rd highest participation in composting food or yard waste.  Eighty-three percent said they compost.  Composting is becoming the norm across the country, more than 60% of households in Canada say they compost. 

See Telegraph Journal Story or the full study by Statistic's Canada