Energy Production

Landfill Gas Utilization System

Benefiting our Community and the Environment

Fundy Region Solid Waste has implemented an innovative Landfill Gas Management and Utilization System. This system produces green energy, while eliminating odours, reducing greenhouse gases and decreasing the environmental impact on air quality.

Landfill gas is compromised of 50% methane gas which is a potent greenhouse gas.

A series of gas collection wells and pipes are constructed in each capped landfill cell. The landfill gas is piped out of the landfill into the gas cooling system and then into the generating unit to produce and transmit electricity.

Energy Produced in 2013

From January 1 to March 31st 2013, we produced enough electricty to power 176 homes daily.  That is 714,000 kwh of electricty was produced from the landfill gas generator.  The average household in Saint John uses 1,350 kwh each month.

How it works

Blower Unit

The Blower Unit maintains the consistent flow of landfill gas from the gas wells into the Flare.


The Flare is the back-up unit for the Generator during shut down and will destroy landfill gas for odour control and greenhouse gas reduction.

Cooling Unit

The Cooling Unit cools, dehumidifies and compresses the landfill gas to prepare it for use by the generator.

Landfill Gas Generator

The Generator uses landfill gas as a fuel to drive a 20 cylinder internal combustion engine to generate 1 MW of electricity: enough to power approximately 800 homes.


The 600V Transformer converts the voltage of the green electricity to the voltage usable by the power lines.  The electricity is fed directly into the Saint John Energy grid.

undy Region Solid Waste Commission has implemented a Landfill Gas Management System at Crane Mountain Landfill. This system produces green energy while eliminating odours, reducing greenhouse gases, and decreasing the environmental impact on air quality.

When organics like food, yard waste, and paper products are placed in the garbage and buried in the landfill, over time they will biodegrade anaerobically (without oxygen). This creates landfill gas, which is comprised of several different gases.

By far the most significant of these is a greenhouse gas called methane. Methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. While methane gas is odourless, as it discharges from the garbage, it brings small amounts of other odour-causing compounds.


A series of Gas Collection Wells and Lines are constructed in each cell. Then each cell is then capped.