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Recycle at School

Remember: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Schools produce a lot of paper, but it is easy to recycle it.

In the Fundy Region, paper recycling is picked up at schools by Saint John Recycling. They collect office paper, newspapers and magazines. Place the recycling bag for paper in your classroom beside the garbage can, so it becomes super easy to recycle that paper!

And make sure you use both sides of the paper first, before you recycle it!

Refundables are easy to recycle too and many schools use the money raised to fund school projects. Refundables include water bottles, juice bottles and boxes, 'mini-sips' and pop cans.

If you are having an event at your school, consider using recycling to raise some funds for those school projects.  Have a 'Re-Use' table with old books, toys, games and good used clothing.  One child's outgrown item is another's new treasure!

Composting is another form of recycling that you can do at school and many schools in our area are on board! Find out more about Composting at your school.

Be Cool, Recycle at School!