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All Vehicles Must Report to the Scalehouse.

Directions to Crane Mountain Landfill

Payment Options

Payment by cash, cheque*, credit cards and debit cards accepted. Also accounts may be established by calling the office at 738-1212.

*Please note: Cheques should be made out to Fundy Regional Service Commission.

Small Load Fees

Garbage, up to 8 bags: $1 per bag

Compostable Material, up to 1 cart (2 brown paper bags): Free

More than 1 cart up to 100 kg: $1

Greater than 100 kg: $28 / tonne

All Appliances Containing Freon: $15 each

Fridges, freezers, dehumidifiers and water coolers.

Tires for residential cars / trucks: $5 each

Tires for large commercial vehicles: $10 each

Returning tires to your tire dealer for recycling is free.

Washer, Dryer, or Stove: $8 each

Computers: Recycling fee $5 / system

Any computer not sent for recycling will be charged the minimum garbage fee of $8 / system

All Bulky Items will be weighed

Bulky items include: mattresses, furniture, televisions larger than 30" (Minimum charge is $8)


Large Load Fees

Municipal / Commercial Solid Waste : $108 per tonne

$8 minimum charge, up to 80 kg

Unsorted Waste (Garbage containing Yard Waste): $216 per tonne

*New fee as of January 2012
Yard Waste includes:  Leaves, grass, weeds & twigs/brush
Unsorted Waste is defined as solid waste that includes yard waste.

Recyclable and compostable material should not be included in household waste. Residents may refer to the Recycling and Compost sections to learn what can be diverted from the landfill. Institutional, commercial, and industrial enterprises may refer to the Business section to learn what can be diverted from the landfill.

Compostable Material: $28 per tonne

Please click here for the list of compostable items.

Construction and Demolition Waste: $28 per tonne

$5 minimum charge, up to 180 kg

Please refer to the Construction and Demolition section to learn how a load can qualify for this lower fee.

International Waste: $200 per tonne 

Tires: $150 per tonne

Scrap car and truck tires in New Brunswick are collected and sent to the Tire Recycling Plant in Minto , New Brunswick . Returning tires to your tire dealer is free. Certain restrictions apply. Ask your retailer for details or refer to the or

Asbestos Waste: $70 per cubic metre

$500 minimum charge

Asbestos waste is defined as a friable waste containing asbestos fibre or asbestos dust in a concentration greater than one per cent by weight. The material may be disposed of at the site providing several conditions are met. Please call the Hotline at  738-1212 to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and to ensure that all the proper equipment and safety measures are in place for your arrival.

Please see the list of Unacceptable Waste below for more information.

Secure Your Load! If you do not tarp or tie down your load properly, it could cost you. Click here to find out more!

Do Your Part! If you hire someone to haul your waste, be sure you know where it is going. Request a receipt from the landfill or recycling business to verify that it has been recycled or legally landfilled.  

Unacceptable Waste

  • Automotive batteries
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Herbicides and pesticides
  • Liquid paints, solvents and dry cleaning fluids
  • Sludge, waste oil, or oily wastes
  • Untreated biomedical or infectious waste
  • Liquid waste over 20 litres - Please inquire first, (some types are not allowed)
  • Dangerous goods or materials (being any waste identified under the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act)
  • Chemical or petrochemical waste
  • Large dead animals
  • Explosive materials
  • Radioactive materials
  • Seafood and animal processing waste

Please review the list of Household Hazardous Waste for more information. When in doubt, please call the Hotline at 738-1212 for more information.