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Trash-Free Events

Make your next community event a green event.

With a little planning before your event, you can cut down on garbage and show you care about the environment. We will help you get there.

Steps to organizing a trash-free community event:

1. Assess what you expect your waste to be. Will there be refundable beverage containers or other recyclables used? Will participants have food waste or other compostable items such as paper plates and napkins?

2. Contact your waste hauler to arrange for proper waste collection at the end of the event.

3. Call Fundy Region Solid Waste at 738-1212 to arrange to borrow refundable containers, compost containers and signage for your event.

4 Let workers, volunteers, potential vendors or exhibitors, and participants know your waste goals before the event. Encourage food vendors or food servers to use paper plates and paper bags instead of styrofoam. Publicize the recycling and compost containers well during the event.

5 Set up stations where recycling, compost, and garbage containers are grouped together. Place recycling, composting containers close to where food and beverages are consumed as well as restroom areas. Ensure all waste signage is clear and easy to read. Designate a special waste reduction team to oversee waste collection. If refundables are collected, they can either be given away to volunteer groups or the money donated to the cause of the event.