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Recycling List

Recycling can reduce your household waste by nearly 50 per cent.
For other recycling options beyond the blue bins go to ’More Recycling’

Please sort your recycling into three categories:
1. Corrugated Cardboard
2. Paper & Boxboard
3. Plastic, Metal & Milk Containers

Please do not bag recyclabes, place them loose into the recycling bins.  Plastic bags & shredded paper are the only items that can be in a bag.

All recycling items must be clean.
Moving boxes
Appliance boxes

Corrugated Cardboard has the wavy piece in the middle. Please place boxboard 'flat cardboard' in the Paper and Boxboard bin.


Telephone books
Hardcover books
Computer paper
Coloured paper
Paperback books

x No wax paper
x No gift wrap


Cereal boxes
Paper towel rolls
Shoe boxes
Kleenex boxes
Cracker boxes

x No milk cartons
x No wax cardboard

PLASTIC Containers

Please rinse all containers
Ice cream tubs
Yogurt containers
Bleach jugs
Antifreeze containers
Plastic milk jugs
Ketchup bottles
Pill bottles

x No Styrofoam


Tin cans
Coat hangers
Aluminum pie plates
Clean aluminum foil


Grocery and shopping bags
Dry cleaner wrap
Clean 'shrink' wrap
Clean bread and frozen food bags
If you can easily stretch a plastic bag it is recyclable

x No chip bags
x No cereal bags

Please rinse cartons

All cardboard milk, cream and buttermilk cartons

x No tetra paks