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Compost List

All of the approved compostable bags for the Fundy Region have one or both of these symbols:

Residents can divert up to 40 per cent of their household waste by composting.

Coffee grounds & filters 
Cooked or raw food 
Cooking oil, grease & fat 
Dairy products 
Eggs & shells 
Fruits / vegetables & peelings 
Meat, bones & fish 
Peanut butter 
Rhubarb & leaves 
Shellfish, including shells 
Tea leaves & bags 

x Ashes 
x Baby diapers 
x Cigarette butts 
x Chemically-sprayed grass 
x Clothes & rags 
x Disposable coffee cups & fast 
   food cups  
 Dryer sheets & lint 
x Glass, metal & plastic
x Medical waste


  • Place leaves and small twigs in your compost cart
  • The lid must be closed
  • No items can stick out of your cart
  • Maximum weight of cart: 50 kg or 100 lbs
  • Additional leaves can be placed in brown paper bags, compostable or clear plastic bags and placed beside your compost cart.

Cedar clippings
Grass clippings (not chemically treated)
Pine cones
Sawdust & wood shavings
Straw & hay
Twigs & branches (2-inch diameter or less)
Hair (human & pet) 
Kitty litter (Clay-based or from compostable materials like corn, wheat, pine shavings, etc. Must wrap in compostable bag or newspaper. See below for compostable bag info.) 
Paper food wrap & bags 
Paper plates (no Styrofoam) 
Paper napkins & paper towels (when soiled with food waste) 
Pet waste (must be in compostable bag or wrapped in newspaper) 
Pizza boxes (greasy or soiled) 
Popcorn & microwaveable bag 
Popsicle sticks 
Muffin liners 
Wine corks

x Personal hygiene products 
x Rocks, bricks & gravel 
x Milk cartons 
x Paint, motor oil or gasoline 
x Plastic bags 
x Q-tips 
x Vacuum cleaner bags & contents 
x Wax



Branches or twigs:

  • Maximum diameter 2” (5 cm)
  • Cut into 4’ (1.2 m) lengths and place in cart or
  • Tie with string and set beside the cart
  • Cart plus 2 additional items are acceptable in most communities – check with your waste hauler.
Click here to download the printable Compost Flyer PDF  

Compost Tips:

  • Store your Compost Cart out of direct sunlight.
  • Wrap food waste in newspaper, brown paper bags, or special compostable bags.
  • Add baking soda, garden lime, or yard clippings to help absorb odours.
  • Greasy or food soiled cardboard and paper can be composted. 
    Clean, dry cardboard and paper belongs in the blue bins at your local Recycling Depot.
  • Please no plastic bags in the Compost Cart. Special compostable bags accepted only. 
  • Carts hold a maximum of 50kg or 100lbs.


    All of the compostable bags approved for the Green Cart program have one, or both of  these symbols:


    You do not have to use a bag at all.  Line your kitchen bin with newspaper instead.

     Can I place cardboard and paper in my Compost Cart?

    When paper or cardboard has food on it (like paper napkins, paper plates, paper towels, and greasy pizza boxes), place it in the Compost Cart. Also newspaper or brown paper bags can be used to wrap your food waste before putting it in the Cart.
    However, clean paper and cardboard should be placed in the blue bins at your local Recycling Depot. Although paper and cardboard will decompose, too much paper and cardboard will disrupt the composting process.

    Do cardboard milk cartons go in my green Compost Cart?

    No, they cannot go in the compost cart, but now clean and dry milk cartons can go in the blue bins. Other cardboard containers that have a plastic lining attached to the cardboard  and hold liquids, such as coffee cups, belong in the garbage.

    Does pet waste belong in the Compost Cart?

    Pet waste of all types can go into the Compost Cart, including dog, cat, rabbit, and gerbil. Kitty litter can go into the Compost Cart as long as it is a natural clay-based kitty litter. Check the packaging. If it doesn’ t say it is natural clay-based, it may include manmade plastics and would have to go into the garbage. All pet waste, for sanitary reasons, must be wrapped in newspaper or placed in a brown paper bag or approved compostable bag.

    I already backyard compost. Why do I need a Compost Cart? 

    Please continue to backyard compost! We applaud your efforts and appreciate your commitment to the environment. You can still participate in the program. Meat, bones, fish, dairy, oil, bread, fish, weeds, pizza boxes, and diseased plants are just a few examples of items that can go in the Compost Cart, but not in your backyard compost. You may also discover that the Compost Cart is more convenient when the cool weather and snow arrives.