What's New

All flood debris is considered garbage due to contamination issues.

The tip fee is waived to encourage people to dispose of waste properly without burning or placing in the waterways, etc.  The hours of operation will also be extended.
Information on material origin and client information will still be recorded at the scale house.
We ask that the following material arrive easily segregated from the flood debris (garbage):
1. Sandbags
2. White Goods (Fridge, Stoves, etc)

Our hours of operation will be extended from May 6 to 25, 2019 as follows:
Mon to Fri - 7:30 am to 7 pm (5 pm normally)
Saturday - 8 am to 2 pm (12 noon normally)
Sunday - Closed


What Goes Where with CBC Info AM SJ

Congratulations to Beverly Stears who won the  What Goes Where Contest.  Thank you to everyone who entered - it was fun answering all your questions.

Here is a list of Questions and Answers

Listen to the answers:  Microwave popcorn bags & glass   Corks, paint & light bulbs 

Tetra paks & black bags  Day 1 questions


Don't throw your electronics in the trash.

There is a new way to recycle your old electronics, from your computer to your old TV. Go to: http://recyclemyelectronics.ca/nb/ and enter in your postal code for a location near you.

Free of charge. They will take desktop computers, laptops, printers, televisions, VCR's, portable stereos, digital cameras, cell phones and home phones.